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Customer testimonials


I meet Monica exactly on the right moment. She helped me to ground and to find a calm space beyond stress that I had. It was for me an anchor to make an important life decision. Monica has a gentle approach, great intuition and unconditional love to a person she works with. I had all trust during the receiving of her healing.

V. Lisinenko

She took care of my emotional and energetic wellbeing, balancing and healing me. First she helped me calm down and together we carried out an “alchemical” process to get it to surface.

Mónica is a great profesional, therapist, coach and healer.

It works on restoring self-confidence, motivation, self-esteem, and tuning into our joy for the simple fact of existing. She is wonderful!

M. Vargas

Jag älska mig själv

Därför träffa jag Monica Flor

Hon är så begåvad

Jag for så mycket hjälp med min kropps problem. Ser from i mott min nästa behändig.

Hög rekommendera.

J. Hertzberg

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